Are the Playoffs in Reach?

With the playoffs around the corner Big Blue hopes to clinch their spot. The current Ny Giants record of 8-4 gives them a 75% percent chance of making the playoffs and everyone knows when the G-Men make it to the playoffs they are not to be taken lightly. The road ahead is going to be very challenging especially this Sunday night against Dak Prescott and the 11-1 Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have been on fire this season between Prescott’s accuracy and Ezekiel Elliot’s ability to run the ball. Though the Cowboys are doing so well they must keep in mind that their only loss came from their first game against the New York Giants. Big Blue will be looking to cause a major upset this Sunday night and give Dallas a second loss. After their game against Dallas the Ny Giants schedule will include games against the Eagles, Lions and Redskins. Though they have such a rough lineup the Giants need 11 wins to guarantee them a spot in the playoffs. Depending on how other teams end up doing in the next four weeks, 9 or 10 wins can possibly lead to tie breakers. Eli Manning and the New York Giants have not been in a playoff game since 2011 when they won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. It has been far too long since the G-Men have gotten this close to the Lombardi Trophy; they have put on an entertaining season why not end it with a bang?


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