New York Giants 2016-2017

This year the 2017 New York Giants will try to make a turn around from last years season in their run for the Lombardi trophy. The team is in very good shape and have many key assets that will help them during the season. Since retired coach Tom Coughlin has stepped down after their previous season, former offensive coach Ben McAdoo has taken the stage and has shown nothing but a positive attitude towards the success of the team. Not only has the coaching structure changed but their have been major changes towards both offense and defense. The giants offense has returned this year with some major deep threat weapons including leading receiver Odell Beckham Junior, newly drafted Sterling Shepard, and of course the return of Victor Cruz. The giants defense has also added some new talent over the off season including newly drafted cornerback Eli Apple, nose tackle Damon Harrison, and cornerback Janoris Jenkins who previously played for the Rams. This years lineup is without a doubt a promising one and the security provided by two time Superbowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning is astounding. Eli has a great offense this year and if he gets the time he needs in the pocket he is a major threat to any opposing team in the NFL, especially having a career high of 44,762 yards. This is an outlook of your 2017 Giants, let the games begin!



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